The Veteran Affairs According to a Military Veteran

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Why must military veterans suffer at the hands of the Veteran Affairs? The very entity which was created to oversee veteran programs is victimizing our nations veterans on a daily basis. Are military veterans the only ones suffering? No they are not. True veteran advocates are suffering as well. True veteran advocates are forced to stand by while viewing the higher-ups within the Veteran Affairs benefit largely off the blood, sweat and hardships of military veterans. True veteran advocates are forced to stand by as tax paying dollars are being mishandled as a whole. Medical Directors are issuing themselves huge incentive bonuses. Is their paychecks not large enough? Where does the money funding these incentive bonuses come from? Your tax paying dollars of course. The very funds which is allotted by Congress to aid in the plight of our nations veterans as well as funding veteran programs currently existing.

We have homeless veterans roaming our streets. Some veterans live in under the local underpasses, yet within the local Veterans Hospitals Starbuch coffees are sold. Don't forget the valet parking. If this is not an outrage then please add to this that after mishandling tax paying dollars the Veteran Affairs particularly the VHA Division is begging for money from the local veteran advocacy groups. Why should the local veteran advocacy groups donate to the Veteran Affairs? The Veteran Affairs receives an allotted budget from Congress but yet "panhandles" from the locals. This works for the Veteran Affairs because it enables them to keep their Starbuch's Coffee Cafe as well as their valet parking and yes, don't forget the padding of their own pockets.

Having a overpriced coffee cafe within a veterans hospital is an outrage. Most military veterans traveling through Veteran hospitals can not afford to purchase the overpriced European Coffee but the higher-ups at the hospital are in line every morning for their caffeine fix.

Why do we have non veterans running our veteran hospitals? Why does it take so long for educational claims to be processed for our disabled veterans? Disabled veterans wait on average over one month for their initial "work study" applications to be processed. When the Veteran Affairs is asked why the application process is so long, their reply is "We are still processing claims submitted two months ago". Keep in mind this is a program which aids disabled veterans in obtaining employment as well as educating themselves. More times to none, disabled veteran's can not wait for the application process to go through and more times to none quitting the program because they have to look for work in order to feed themselves as well as their families. This program has turned into a joke for disabled veterans. Why are veterans being turned away for bus tokens or food vouchers yet the employees of the veterans hospitals are receiving incentive bonuses for merely performing the jobs they were hired to perform?

The Veteran Affairs is in the business of creating misery and suffering for our nations veterans. If veterans are not suffering they do not have a job. Its obvious how the Veteran Affairs creates their quotas therefore enabling their plight for more funds from Congress. Misery and despair is what the Veteran Affairs does best and it's obvious business is good!

They should be ashamed as they drive to and from work in their overpriced vehicles while sipping their overpriced coffee as our nations veterans are sleeping on the streets as well as underpasses. They sit on their overpaid behinds while denying our veterans the very dignity they truly deserve. If the Veteran Affairs is the only help which our nations veterans can seek, then I call for whatever God any of us worship if any at all, to help us all.

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The Veteran Affairs According to a Military Veteran

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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